Online Quiz System

Dear All,

For the online quiz we will use . 

Tomorrow, you should log in as usual.  In the main page, search for this week’s program: 

When the quiz link is available, you may start solving it. Today you got a detailed email about the question types, duration and the time of the quiz.

Although the quiz system is easy to understand, you may want to visit for much more detailed information regarding OdtüClass.

Best wishes.

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Section Transfer Week

In order to balance the number of students enrolled in recitations, we made some arrangements with no intervention to schedules. That is, a student’s recitation section, if necessary, might be changed to some other one, which will be in the same session with the old one, by the course coordination.

Section transfer, if necessary, is made by course coordination after the add-drop week.

Recitation hours will remain the same.

Every student enrolled to course should recheck their section in order to avoid the possible future confusion due to section transfer/change activity.

Make sure you are attending the right subsection! (Otherwise, your recitation activities, such as quizzes, would not be graded.)

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Schedule of Lectures

Schedule of the main lecture is as follows:

Monday 8:40-10:30, G111

Wednesday 8:40-9:30, G111

List of recitations is given below and it is effective from today (12 th of February):

Section 11 — : Bekir DANIŞ; Thursday 8:40-10:30, YP-D203

Section 12 — : Mehmet Ali BATAN, Thursday 8:40-10:30, P7

Section 13 — : Ahmet Yekta ÖKTEN, Thursday 8:40-10:30, R28

Section 14 — : Niyazi Anıl GEZER, Thursday 8:40-10:30, YP-D204

* Please don’t forget to recheck your section number after the add-drop week.

*Section 15 is going to be closed. Those students who are registered to Section 15 should attend to another section.
You cannot change your section using the registration system. We will change your sections after the add-drop period.

*Contact information can be found in this page.

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Course Syllabus is available

Please follow this link to see the course syllabus.

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HelpRoom Service is available!

HelpRoom Schedule can be found in here. 

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What is NA Criteria?

Who gets NA grade?

Before the final exam, students will be categorized in the following way:

Group 1) M1 + M2  >= 20

Group 2) M1 + M2 < 20,

where M1 denotes the Midterm 1 score out of 100, and M2 denotes the Midterm 2 score out of 100.

  • Students in group will be able to take the final exam.
  • Students in group 2 will NOT be able to take the final exam. They will get an automatic NA grade.


a) Student A attends to Midterm 1 and his/her score is 20. He/she does not take Midterm 2 being on leave for academic/medical reasons. Since M1+M2 = 20 >= 20, he/she is eligible for the final exam. If he/she submits relevant documents, he/she can take make-up exam which is given after the final exam.  No problem at all.

b) Student B does not attend to Midterm 1 because of his/her illness. He/she attends to Midterm 2 and gets 18 points. Since M1+M2 = 18 < 20, he/she won’t be able to take final exam and gets NA grade. It should be kept in mind that in this example, taking make-up for Midterm is not possible even if he/she has an appropriate official document (academic/medical report etc.).

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Welcome to new semester 2019-2 (Spring) !

This is the official website of the course Math 126 – Basic Mathematics II. All students enrolled in this course are supposed to follow this website regularly since they are responsible for catching up announcements listed here.

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